Monty Moose Accounts

Moose drawing with a blue hat
Monty Moose Youth Savers Program is a program designed for children who wish to begin saving at an early age. This product is offered to children age 13 and under. There are special activities and events for the children, sponsored by the Credit Union, which are designed to give the children a sense of importance and recognition for their saving efforts. The Credit Union will also provide incentive for the children to save by presenting them with assorted tokens and gifts for reaching certain savings goals set by the Credit Union.
  • This account has a required minimum first deposit of $1.00. Once the account goes over $5.00, the minimum balance will be $5.00.
  • Dividends may be paid on balances of $5.01 or over.
  • Dividends are calculated using the Average Daily Balance Method and paid on the last day of the month.
  • Children must have a Social Security Number to open an account.
  • A parent must be present for the child to open an account.
  • To receive a token or gift, the child must make a deposit in person. There is a limit of two moose bucks per day, per child.
  • Statements are mailed quarterly.
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